How Social Media is Shaping the 2016 Presidential Debates

How Social Media is Shaping the 2016 Presidential Debates Can you even remember what the Presidential debates were like before Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook? Well, most millennials can’t. Social media has changed the way we watch, think, and listen to the debates. Can you possibly


The Most Important Instagram Update: Saving Lives

The Most Important Instagram Update: Saving Lives Instagram has been releasing several updates lately including new filters, Instagram stories, etc., but they just released the most important of all: The update that can save lives. This update allows you to help out a friend, possibly save


Consequences of Amazon’s Free Products Removal

Consequences of Amazon’s Free Products Removal In order for companies to get credibility, they would essentially “pay” consumers to rate their products. In exchange for reviews, companies would send them freebies. There are thousands of reviews on Amazon, but companies who participated in this wanted


Google Data Studio Beta Tool

Introduction Google’s Data Studio is a beta tool that allows you to create custom reports using data linked to your Google Accounts. Like Google AdWords, Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Attribution 360, MySQL, BigQuery, Cloud SQL and Google Sheets. The Data Studio connects easily across a variety of your

Twitter Updates 140 Character Longer Tweets

Why Longer Tweets Are A Big Deal

Twitter has finally rolled out a big change that was first announced in May that allows for slightly longer Tweets. GIFs, polls, and videos, as well as Quote Tweets and @names in replies no longer count toward the 140 character limit. This means, that for

Online Marketing News (1)

Online Marketing News, Episode 1

    Hello everyone and welcome to Online Marketing News. Today we are going to talk about the most important events that happened in the online marketing industry. This is going to help you better plan your campaigns or simply stay up to date with


LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking

Introduction LinkedIn has finally done something that most advertisers have been waiting for! Conversion tracking has come to LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager help you optimize your campaigns and see which campaigns are driving leads for your business. The use of analytics help you better understand

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