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We Have Changed Our Name to Success & Living!

Dear International PPC Readers, A while ago, you started to request that we incorporate more topics beyond advertising. We have therefore changed our name from International PPC to Success & Living. All articles have been transferred to our new domain We are excited about

How To Schedule A Live Facebook Broadcast

Introduction There’s no way to deny that technology is all around us. It has allowed people to stay connected and with the help of social media platforms, it has allowed us to reconnect with people from our past. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and


New Snapchat-like Features Comes To Facebook

Facebook has announced their latest attempt to copy Snapchat. The platform launched a new experimental camera feature to its app that allows their users to privately share photos with built- in filters and other effects. The feature is currently being tested in Ireland and does

Twitter Updates 140 Character Longer Tweets

Why Longer Tweets Are A Big Deal

Twitter has finally rolled out a big change that was first announced in May that allows for slightly longer Tweets. GIFs, polls, and videos, as well as Quote Tweets and @names in replies no longer count toward the 140 character limit. This means, that for

10 Tips for Better Facebook Lead Ads

10 Tips for Better Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads have been added recently by Facebook as a new ad format. When it was still in private beta it was great but now that it’s been out, it’s disrupting lead generation. If well executed, Lead Ads are a cheap, effective, and ROI

adwords location bid adjustments how to

How to Add AdWords Location Bid Adjustments

Location bid adjustments are a Google AdWords feature that allows advertisers to show ads more or less frequently to potential customers in certain geographic areas. For instance, if you are running an AdWords campaign in the United States, you can use location bid adjustments to increase