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New Facebook Pixel Summary

The New Facebook Pixel in a Nutshell

The new Facebook pixel combines conversion tracking and custom audiences functions. It allows advertisers to track a variety of user behaviors and then use those newly found audiences as campaign targeting. One of the biggest advantages of the new Facebook pixel is that you now only need one

YouTube Shopping Ads 5

YouTube Shopping Ads Are Out of Private Beta

YouTube Shopping Ads have been in private beta for a while and have been opened up to all Google AdWords advertisers over the last couple of days. Perfectly in time for the upcoming Holiday season, YouTube Shopping Ads are highly requested by e-commerce businesses and

Instagram Ads how To

Instagram Account No Longer Needed for Instagram Ads

Facebook launched Instagram Ads a while ago and while the launch was highly anticipated, many businesses didn’t jump on the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. The Instagram audience might not be for everyone and ads required a linked Instagram account that of course needs upkeep.

5 Things to do in AdWords Daily

AdWords requires collecting and analyzing data to take decisions based on statistically relevant results. These kind of decisions take time. However, there are a number of factors that can be checked on a daily basis to guarantee the best health of your AdWords Account. Check

Google Shopping Insights New

Google Reveals Product Demand with Shopping Insights

Google has officially launched Shopping Insights, a new feature that is in beta and available to select advertisers only for now. Shopping Insights shows product trends and popularity across the United States by providing a map with indications of search intensity for search terms such as engagement rings,