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Pokemón Go Advertising is Now a Reality

Introduction Pokemón Go, the latest trend in 2016. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, if not I have no idea where you’ve been living. To tell you the truth, when Pokemón Go came out I was skeptical, I thought “Oh no, not this. People will

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5 Ways to Growth Hack the ROI of Your Facebook Ads

A couple of years ago, Facebook ads were the way to go. Then the general perception was that Facebook ads were expensive and generated little in terms of profit, so Facebook ads got the good old it’s only good for branding stamp and many businesses

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Starting April 21, Mobile-Friendly Test Will Impact SEO

In an official email to all Google Partners, the company has announced on April 15 that organic search results on Google domains will be impacted by how mobile-friendly the respective website is. The change will take effect starting from April 21, 2015. The easiest way


AdWords Bid Adjustments – Maximize Your ROI

Are your sales numbers higher on certain days of the week? Are your customers located near your business? If yes, why not raise the bid for those times or locations? With AdWords Bid Adjustments you can increase or decrease your bid across devices, locations, times,

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Learn More About The Call Only Format AdWords Launched

Google has launched call-only ads, a new ad format for AdWords mobile campaigns. Prior to call-only ads, advertisers could only set up call extensions and use a bid modifier to reduce unwanted desktop clicks. The option to target mobile and desktop separately was eliminated in early 2013,

google mobile friendly test

Take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test And Get The Label

Recently Google announced the roll out of a mobile-friendly test tool to let you find out whether your website passes Google’s criteria for mobile optimized sites. It basically tells you whether your website passes or not. What it looks like when you pass the mobile test: Why

Best photo editing apps

5 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps

We constantly find ourselves looking for photos we can insert in landing pages, invitations, brochures and WordPress posts. More often than not, we find the right photo but are on a mobile and can’t edit it in a couple of seconds to fit our needs.

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iOS Online Order Values 24% Higher Than Android

While it comes to no surprise that iOS beat Android once again in important online shopping metrics, this year’s Thanksgiving weekend broke mobile traffic records giving the smartphone giant an ever more important role in e-commerce. According to IBM, iOS users saw average order values