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New Tools Come To Facebook And Google

Facebook Introduces Automated Rules Facebook’s new tool can actually change the budget of your campaign based on some indicators. These indicators might be the CPA, the amount of conversions or the amount of clicks. The way it works is very easy, you are going to determine


Google Data Studio Beta Tool

Introduction Google’s Data Studio is a beta tool that allows you to create custom reports using data linked to your Google Accounts. Like Google AdWords, Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Attribution 360, MySQL, BigQuery, Cloud SQL and Google Sheets. The Data Studio connects easily across a variety of your


Amazon Bans Freebies and Google Launches DSK Campaigns

Welcome back everyone, this is Rocco Baldassarre from Online Marketing News and today we’re going to share news that will change the way you are going to optimize your online campaigns. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about Amazon, Google and Facebook. Today we’re


Facebook Bulk Changes and Extended Ads Best Practices

Welcome back everyone this is Rocco Baldassarre. In today’s online marketing news we’re going to talk about a lot of things that will help you optimize your online campaigns even farther. First of all we’re going to talk about Facebook. New Facebook Ad Function Facebook

Local Shopping Campaigns and Auto Currency Converter

Welcome back everyone, this is Rocco Baldassarre. In the second episode of online marketing news, we will talk about news that changed the way we would advertise our products or services online. Automatic Currency Converters For Google Shopping The first news is about Google. Google


Google AdWords Price Extensions

Google AdWords Price Extensions Price extensions show what your business offers, so consumers can find what they want quickly. Price extensions have their own links, so consumers can easily click on the link and be directed to your mobile site. They appear below your text


Google Search Network vs. Google Display Network

Introduction What is Google Search Network? What does it work for? How can I benefit from it? What is the Google Display Network? How does it differentiate from the Google Search Network? Which one should you use? These may be some questions that you have

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About the Google AdWords Display Network

Over the past week I’ve heard new keywords I was not familiar with. New Google tools I had heard of but did not know what they were for or their functionality. This past week has been completely eye opening in a way that I’m finally

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How to: AdWords Campaign Setup for Service Businesses

Want to create a new AdWords Campaign but don’t know how to start? Have little to no experience handling AdWords? Not to worry, we’re here to help you through this process. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on creating a small service business campaign

Smart Goals – Google Analytics and AdWords

Google has recently launched smart goals which means you can majorly growth hack AdWords campaigns if you know how. Smart Goals are set up in Google Analytics and they are basically the next generation of the regular goals people usually set up. Here is a brief overview of Smart