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adwords location bid adjustments how to

How to Add AdWords Location Bid Adjustments

Location bid adjustments are a Google AdWords feature that allows advertisers to show ads more or less frequently to potential customers in certain geographic areas. For instance, if you are running an AdWords campaign in the United States, you can use location bid adjustments to increase

Brand Campaign Groups

Set Up the New Brand Campaign Groups in 3 Steps

Brand campaigns are used in most AdWords accounts to secure the brand name, show up twice on a search page (organically and through paid traffic) and to stop competitors from showing up on top for your own brand related keywords. Google recently introduced a new beta

5 Things to do in AdWords Daily

AdWords requires collecting and analyzing data to take decisions based on statistically relevant results. These kind of decisions take time. However, there are a number of factors that can be checked on a daily basis to guarantee the best health of your AdWords Account. Check

How to Find Destination URLs of Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are extremely useful for businesses selling a lot of items. They help advertising hundreds of items through an easy and quick set up. Dynamic search ads aren’t as effective as a custom made search campaign per product but they help identifying the 20% of

How To Get A High Quality Score (Google AdWords)

If you run an AdWords search campaign, you’re probably familiar with it: Google’s quality score. This variable has a huge impact on your ad rank and your cost per click (CPC). What I mean by that is that a high quality score can earn you a

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Understanding Clicks from Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions can be effective but has sparked a discussion because of what the clicks column display. Gmail Sponsored Promotions show up in gmail inboxes as unread emails and if the goal is to get clicks to the website, the clicks that are displayed

Gmail Ads Are Now Available to All Advertisers

Google rolled out Gmail Ads to all AdWords advertisers on September 1, 2015. Gmail ads will not deliver a huge direct response but they definitively are a great tool to gain brand visibility in the market. Gmail ads can be extremely powerful if combined with custom target methods

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Upgraded AdWords Video Campaigns

Google is finally taking the last step in stressing the importance of video campaigns for businesses creating Upgraded AdWords Video Campaigns. Starting in September, video campaigns will be moving in the main AdWords interface. Here are the main changes that you will be seeing happening in

Getting Started with Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are automated campaigns that run via Google AdWords on the Google Search Network. It is generally known that Dynamic Search Ads are ideal for businesses with hundreds or thousands of products or services. The fact that small businesses can also benefit from this ad type