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adwords callout extensions

About Google AdWords Callout Extensions

Google just launched callout extensions, a neat add-on to Google AdWords text ads. Here is everything you need to know about callout extensions starting from how to create them, when they show up to why and how to use and manage them. Source: Google Support

profitable keywords

How To Find The Most Profitable Keywords In AdWords

Anyone wants a Google AdWords campaign that is scalable. Many factors go into making a campaign scalable but one of the most important things is to find the most portable keywords. While every account is different, there are three things to look at that matter

display campaign best practices

17+ AdWords Display Campaign Best Practices

Display campaigns are widely used online thanks to their lower price point compared to search campaigns. However, display campaigns are usually less targeted than search ones and therefore you have got to structure them effectively to maximize their profitability. This post highlights some excellent tips

how to bid on single items in google shopping campaigns

How to Bid on Single Items in Google Shopping Campaigns

Last year Googled announced that they started putting into effect the unique product identifier requirements to improve the data quality on Google Shopping. The up-to-the-minute terms assists the Search Engine marketing strategies and create better ways to optimize your campaigns. Last year Google started enforcing