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We Have Changed Our Name to Success & Living!

Dear International PPC Readers, A while ago, you started to request that we incorporate more topics beyond advertising. We have therefore changed our name from International PPC to Success & Living. All articles have been transferred to our new domain We are excited about

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New Tools Come To Facebook And Google

Facebook Introduces Automated Rules Facebook’s new tool can actually change the budget of your campaign based on some indicators. These indicators might be the CPA, the amount of conversions or the amount of clicks. The way it works is very easy, you are going to determine

How To Schedule A Live Facebook Broadcast

Introduction There’s no way to deny that technology is all around us. It has allowed people to stay connected and with the help of social media platforms, it has allowed us to reconnect with people from our past. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and


New Snapchat-like Features Comes To Facebook

Facebook has announced their latest attempt to copy Snapchat. The platform launched a new experimental camera feature to its app that allows their users to privately share photos with built- in filters and other effects. The feature is currently being tested in Ireland and does


Google AdWords Editor: New Scheduled Downloads

Google AdWords has launched a new feature on their AdWords Editor that wasn’t available before. This new feature allows you to automatically schedule downloads for your Google AdWords accounts. Before this update, you would have to go into the AdWords Editor and manually download all

Consequences of Amazon’s Free Products Removal

Consequences of Amazon’s Free Products Removal In order for companies to get credibility, they would essentially “pay” consumers to rate their products. In exchange for reviews, companies would send them freebies. There are thousands of reviews on Amazon, but companies who participated in this wanted


Amazon Bans Freebies and Google Launches DSK Campaigns

Welcome back everyone, this is Rocco Baldassarre from Online Marketing News and today we’re going to share news that will change the way you are going to optimize your online campaigns. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about Amazon, Google and Facebook. Today we’re

Local Shopping Campaigns and Auto Currency Converter

Welcome back everyone, this is Rocco Baldassarre. In the second episode of online marketing news, we will talk about news that changed the way we would advertise our products or services online. Automatic Currency Converters For Google Shopping The first news is about Google. Google

Online Marketing News, Episode 1

    Hello everyone and welcome to Online Marketing News. Today we are going to talk about the most important events that happened in the online marketing industry. This is going to help you better plan your campaigns or simply stay up to date with