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AdWords Will Soon Eliminate Converted Clicks

Introduction Google has been quite busy this year, changing it’s ad format was a big deal and now it has been announced that Google will remove the “converted click” data column. What? Is this real? Yes, yes it is. The 15 year old metric will

Google’s New Responsive Display Ads

Google’s New Responsive Display Ads Google recently announced the updates to Ad Words including the new responsive display ads. The new responsive display ads automatically adjust to the size of the screen that the ad is being displayed on, such as mobile devices, tablets or desktops.


Google’s New Expanded Text Ads- ETA Ads

ETA Ads- Google AdWords released the new ad format last week. Google’s New Expanded Text Ads- ETA Ads New Character Length: Ad text format changed from the old 25-35-35 to two 30 character headline and a consolidated 80 character description lines. The URL will be


Google Extended Ads Are About to Roll out Globally

Introduction Since this year’s Google Performance Summit there have been a lot of changes coming to the popular search engine. At the Summit, Google announced a few groundbreaking features that fellow marketers have been waiting and craving for. For the sake of this article, we’re

MailChimp Opening Store

Email Marketing Tool MailChimp Is Opening A Store

MailChimp, one of the world’s most popular email marketing tools, is opening a store. The company officially announced the launch of their very own e-commerce store in the newsletter on April 20, 2015. The idea behind the project is that MailChimp’s teams will benefit from

Facebook Launches Full Screen Mobile Ad Experience

Facebook continues to lead online advertising innovation by launching yet another new ad format. Full screen mobile ad experiences are now available to selected advertising accounts and are expected to be rolled out globally in the weeks to come. The full screen canvas shows up

New Facebook Pixel Summary

The New Facebook Pixel in a Nutshell

The new Facebook pixel combines conversion tracking and custom audiences functions. It allows advertisers to track a variety of user behaviors and then use those newly found audiences as campaign targeting. One of the biggest advantages of the new Facebook pixel is that you now only need one

Facebook Challenges Google with Local Awareness Ads

Facebook has launched Local Awareness Ads which allow local businesses to generate calls via Facebook and provide potential customers with directions. Sounds familiar? It sure does because it seems to be a smart combination of Google+ Business Pages and Google Maps. The difference is that +Post

Facebook New Bidding Options 2

Facebook Bidding Options Change This Weekend

The Facebook Power Editor is currently showing an interesting alert in all accounts announcing a big change related to the new bidding options: This might seem like a standard improvement from Facebook but it actually goes far beyond that. This update will influence two of

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Facebook Launches Lead Ads and Businesses Love It

Facebook Lead Ads had been in private beta for a while and have now been officially launched. Some companies such as Land Rover who were part of the testing phase saw lead ads outperform their landing pages and even though leads needed to be downloaded