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Instagram Account No Longer Needed for Instagram Ads

Facebook launched Instagram Ads a while ago and while the launch was highly anticipated, many businesses didn’t jump on the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. The Instagram audience might not be for everyone and ads required a linked Instagram account that of course needs upkeep.

Facebook Challenges Google with Local Awareness Ads

Facebook has launched Local Awareness Ads which allow local businesses to generate calls via Facebook and provide potential customers with directions. Sounds familiar? It sure does because it seems to be a smart combination of Google+ Business Pages and Google Maps. The difference is that +Post

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Facebook Bidding Options Change This Weekend

The Facebook Power Editor is currently showing an interesting alert in all accounts announcing a big change related to the new bidding options: This might seem like a standard improvement from Facebook but it actually goes far beyond that. This update will influence two of

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Facebook Launches Lead Ads and Businesses Love It

Facebook Lead Ads had been in private beta for a while and have now been officially launched. Some companies such as Land Rover who were part of the testing phase saw lead ads outperform their landing pages and even though leads needed to be downloaded

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5 Ways to Growth Hack the ROI of Your Facebook Ads

A couple of years ago, Facebook ads were the way to go. Then the general perception was that Facebook ads were expensive and generated little in terms of profit, so Facebook ads got the good old it’s only good for branding stamp and many businesses

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Boost Your Facebook Posts with Better Audiences

Everyone knows how to boost Facebook posts and many businesses allocate a portion of their advertising budget to boosted posts without having a strategy in place to continuously improve results. Others have tried it but didn’t get much out of it. Boosting Facebook posts can

How to Get Started With Instagram Ads on Facebook

Facebook recently started offering Instagram Ads via the Facebook Ad Manager. After a series of updates in recent month, the introduction of Instagram Ads is one of the most welcome changes. While some people expected Instagram to launch their own ad manager, the integration with Facebook makes sense.

5 Ways to Scale Up a Campaign Without Increasing Bids

5 Ways To Scale Up Campaigns Without Increasing Bids

If you have reached the best sales volume on Google AdWords, you have to scale up campaign results without increasing the bids. While Google can drive a massive amount of traffic, even the largest campaigns can reach the limit of what the traditional Search Network campaign

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Video Tutorial: Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaign

Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaigns are here! Advertisers have been waiting a long time for this a long time and Facebook now finally allows the regulation of ad frequency. The social network giant just launched this as a new campaign type. With Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaigns, marketers

Facebook Campaign Structure Best Practices

Facebook Campaign Structure Best Practices

Facebook campaign structure best practices change based on your budget and the size of your campaigns. Additionally, they depend on what kind of statistics you need to see the quickest and what you would like to separate budget wise. Here are two proven Facebook campaign