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LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking

Introduction LinkedIn has finally done something that most advertisers have been waiting for! Conversion tracking has come to LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager help you optimize your campaigns and see which campaigns are driving leads for your business. The use of analytics help you better understand

Facebook Launches Custom Engagement Audiences

Facebook has been going through some changes recently, some that regular users have noticed and others that Facebook Marketers have noticed. One of the latest changes is the introduction of a new audience targeting method. The new custom audience method is called Engagement on Facebook.

Instagram: Innovator or Imitator?

Instagram: Innovator or Imitator? This week, Instagram launched a new update with a video feed at the top of the screen called “Instagram Stories.” Hmm…sounds very similar to Snapchat’s “Snap Stories.” Instagram Stories allow you to use tools to draw and put texts on your

10 Tips for Better Facebook Lead Ads

10 Tips for Better Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads have been added recently by Facebook as a new ad format. When it was still in private beta it was great but now that it’s been out, it’s disrupting lead generation. If well executed, Lead Ads are a cheap, effective, and ROI

Facebook Launches Full Screen Mobile Ad Experience

Facebook continues to lead online advertising innovation by launching yet another new ad format. Full screen mobile ad experiences are now available to selected advertising accounts and are expected to be rolled out globally in the weeks to come. The full screen canvas shows up

New Facebook Pixel Summary

The New Facebook Pixel in a Nutshell

The new Facebook pixel combines conversion tracking and custom audiences functions. It allows advertisers to track a variety of user behaviors and then use those newly found audiences as campaign targeting. One of the biggest advantages of the new Facebook pixel is that you now only need one

YouTube Shopping Ads 5

YouTube Shopping Ads Are Out of Private Beta

YouTube Shopping Ads have been in private beta for a while and have been opened up to all Google AdWords advertisers over the last couple of days. Perfectly in time for the upcoming Holiday season, YouTube Shopping Ads are highly requested by e-commerce businesses and

how to find new customers with facebook audience insights

How to Find New Customers with Facebook Audience Insights

Marketing has become more and more data driven and advertising platforms have adapted to that by providing detailed targeting options for online marketing campaigns. One of the biggest data collectors of them all is Facebook with over 600 targeting options. One of the best ways to