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The Consumer Barometer is a new tool Google recently launched. It’s basically a sneak peek into how people use the internet around the world. The Consumer Barometer is available worldwide. It’s free to use and it has a customer-friendly interface.

You can access the Consumer Barometer here.

There are four types of data you can look at:

Consumer Barometer


Here are some examples of what you can do with the Consumer Barometer.

#1 Graph Builder

This option can be used to create your own graphs and it is very helpful when you are trying to create a digital marking strategy for your business.

Google has a large selection of data that can be used:

Consumer Barometer 2

Each of these sections can be broken down even further. An example of very interesting data you can retrieve is: Time spent on product research, motivations for purchase, number of brands considered, pre-purchase activities via smartphone, how urgent people need local information, how people first hear about a product and much more!

No matter what data you decide to look at, Google offers many filters that help customizing the data to the unique needs of each viewer:

Consumer Barometer 3

Using this tool is extremely easy and it only takes you two steps:

Step 1: Select the question that you want an answer to. For instance “How digitally-savvy are people?”

Consumer Barometer 4

You will also get an unfiltered answer to the question:

Consumer Barometer 5

Step 2: Clic on filters and customize the answer to the question. For instance, you can change the country that you are displaying data for

Consumer Barometer 6

Changing filters is going to change the data in the graph that we previously selected:

Consumer Barometer 7

Compare Digital Trends

This section of the Customer Barometer includes a selection of pre-set trended data which can be customized by selecting. up country, age and gender in the top right corner:

Consumer Barometer 8

Digital trends that are being compared over time are:

  • Percentage of people who access the internet.
  • Percentage of people who access the internet daily.
  • Percentage of people who use a smartphone.
  • Percentage of people who use a computer.
  • Percentage of people who use a tablet.
  • Percentage of people who use one screen – a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Percentage of people who use two screens. (Two of computer, smartphone or tablet.)
  • Percentage of people who use three screens – computer, smartphone and tablet.
  • Percentage of people who access the internet at least as often via smartphone as computer.
  • Average number of connected devices per person

Audience Stories

This section of the consumer barometer includes in depth information about four specific audiences:

Consumer Barometer 9

Clicking on any of the audiences above, Google will provide the reader with in depth statistics, such as:

  • 50% of Brand Advocates spent at least a few days researching an upcoming purchase
  • 40% of Brand Advocates use a smartphone during the purchase process
  • 55% of Digital Moms do online research before making a purchase
  • 46% of Digital Moms turn to search engines during their purchase journey
  • 23% of online videos are viewed in order to learn something new

Curated Insights

The fourth and final category of the Customer Barometer includes a set of data sets that have been curated by Google. This is going to save people a lot of time because they won’t need to recreate these statistics manually.

Google covers several topics in curated insights:

  • The Online & Multiscreen World
  • The Smart Shopper
  • The Local Shopper
  • The International Shopper
  • The Smart Viewer

Each of these categories has 4 graphs that can be customized selecting the target country on the top left of the page:

Consumer Barometer 10

In Conclusion

Market Research is key to creating successful ad campaigns. For instance, you might find out that your audience uses mobile at some point during the decision making process and this is going to influence your marketing strategy in a way that you are going to allocate some more resources to mobile.

Overall, the Consumer Barometer is a great tool that should be taken advantage of when needed.

Have you ever used the consumer barometer? Did you find insights that were helpful for your campaigns? Comment and share your thoughts!

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