How To Set Up Google Analytics Experiments in 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

Google Analytics Experiments are one of the best ways to automate A/B testing of landing pages. You have one link and tell Google Analytics to automatically redirect a part of the traffic to another page every time someone goes to that link. Google then calculates the winning page for you automatically based on metrics you choose (e.g. bounce rate or transaction value.) You will also be seeing the so-called “confidence level” of the result so you know approximately whether one page clearly won or whether they performed similarly. The higher the confidence level, the better!

Google Analytics Experiments are easy to set up, here is what you will need:

  1. The URL of the current landing page
  2. The URL of the new landing page to test
  3. A properly set up Google Analytics account

How to Set Up Google Analytics Experiments

How to get started:

1) Log in Google Analytics and click on “Behavior” and then “Experiments”

Image 12) Click on “Create experiment”

Image 2

3) Name the experiment, select an objective and choose the percentage of traffic that you want to use for the experiment. Once Done, Click on Next Step.

Image 3

4) Insert the URL of the original page and of the page that you would like to test. Once done, click on “Next Step.”

Image 4

5) Install the experiment codes following the easy instructions that Analytics will show

Image 5

6) Review and start the Experiment once Google Analytics confirms the successful installation of the codes. You can save your experiment and start it at a later point in time if you need some time to install the necessary codes.

Image 6

Google Analytics Experiments: Best Practices

Get a couple hundred clicks for each landing page you are testing before pulling the plug. Results can look vastly different after each page has gotten a good amount of clicks and Google Analytics recommends a confidence level of at least 95% before stopping an experiment.

After you set up a test, you can go back to the experiment tab in Behaviors and check on results:

Image 7

Start testing drastic changes to the pages at first and then test smaller sections of the winning page to keep improving your performance.

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