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New Tools Come To Facebook And Google

Facebook Introduces Automated Rules Facebook’s new tool can actually change the budget of your campaign based on some indicators. These indicators might be the CPA, the amount of conversions or the amount of clicks. The way it works is very easy, you are going to determine


Google AdWords Price Extensions

Google AdWords Price Extensions Price extensions show what your business offers, so consumers can find what they want quickly. Price extensions have their own links, so consumers can easily click on the link and be directed to your mobile site. They appear below your text

New adwords features

Updated List of New AdWords Features

Over the last year, Google has rolled out over 200 new AdWords features, Analytics Tools and Merchant Center updates. Here are the five most recent updates with a handy link at the end that leads to the new page Google launched that lists all changes in chronological

AdWords Tips

15 Google AdWords Tips

#1 Create easy to use and sort ad group structures. Instead of naming ad groups “black shoes”, “white shoes”, “boots”, “t-shirts” and “sweaters”, name the ad groups “shoes – black”, “shoes – white”, “shoes – boots”, “shirts – t-shirts” and so on. This way, you