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New Snapchat-like Features Comes To Facebook

Facebook has announced their latest attempt to copy Snapchat. The platform launched a new experimental camera feature to its app that allows their users to privately share photos with built- in filters and other effects. The feature is currently being tested in Ireland and does

Consequences of Amazon’s Free Products Removal

Consequences of Amazon’s Free Products Removal In order for companies to get credibility, they would essentially “pay” consumers to rate their products. In exchange for reviews, companies would send them freebies. There are thousands of reviews on Amazon, but companies who participated in this wanted

Google Ads Average CPC

Google Ads Average CPC 2011-2014

Google ads are known to be relatively pricey. Especially Google ads for B2B services, lawyers, and psychologists can cost up to $80 per click depending on the targeting method and how well the campaign is set up. Google Ads avg. CPC since 2011 Even though

Google Best Practices

Google Redesigned Google Best Practices

On March 18th, Google announced a new Help Center page: Google Best Practices. With this collection of useful tips and advice, Google’s goal is to make users better at AdWords. The Best Practices page can help advertisers improve the performance of campaigns and functions as a