YouTube Shopping Ads Are Out of Private Beta

YouTube Shopping Ads have been in private beta for a while and have been opened up to all Google AdWords advertisers over the last couple of days. Perfectly in time for the upcoming Holiday season, YouTube Shopping Ads are highly requested by e-commerce businesses and retailers alike.

YouTube Shopping Ads vs. YouTube’s TrueView for Shopping

YouTube Shopping Ads and TrueView Ads for Shopping look identical, so the confusion regarding how they differ is understandable.

YouTube Shopping Ads 5

Source: CNBC

On desktops and tablets, ad cards show up on the right side of videos and below videos on smartphones with full browsers.

TrueView Shopping Ads first gained popularity in June 2015. They allow advertisers to show their own products in their videos on Youtube. The idea behind it was to not only advertise products but to automatically show related products from the same store in Amazon-like fashion based on the respective Google Merchant Center product feeds. Google is continuously working on improving TrueView Ads and has announced CPA bidding for app promotion campaigns.

YouTube Shopping Ads differ from TrueView Ads because they are not limited to show products on the advertisers’ own videos. YouTube Shopping Ads can be shown on other people’s videos on YouTube as long as those videos are relevant.

How to Set Up YouTube Shopping Ads

There are two ways to set up these ads:

Option 1: Include Search Partners

Go to your shopping campaign settings and click “edit” next to Networks:

YouTube Shopping Ads 1

Then check the box “Include search partners” and if you have your Google Merchant Center set up, AdWords will automatically start showing your products in YouTube videos and on other search partner websites.

YouTube Shopping Ads 2

Option 2: Create a Video Shopping Campaign

Create a Video campaign:

YouTube Shopping Ads 3

Then select “Shopping”:

YouTube Shopping Ads 4

photo credits: Screenshots provided by author, featured image: CNBC “YouTube’s New Shopping Ads Target E-Commerce Dollars”

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