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Google Launches AdWords Reporting Drag & Drop Tool [VIDEO]

Google AdWords has started to rollout AdWords Reporting. The customer friendly drag and drop tool provides a number of useful reporting functions including: Creating nice looking reports for any data set within an account Display Graphs (e.g. pie charts) Display Trends Segment and filter data

remarketing lists for search ads

Google Analytics Launches Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google Analytics finally announced the launch of a major change, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Up until now, advertisers were able to use Google Analytics to create advanced remarketing lists for the Display Network based on: time on site, visisted web pages, behaviors on

best online tools for entrepreneurs

15 Of The Best Online Tools For Entrepreneurs

I finally managed to compile a list with fifteen of the best online tools for entrepreneurs, startuppers, and productivity lovers. While there are many more useful tools, I keep coming across these ones on a regular basis and couldn’t live without the vast majority of