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3 Neat Social Media Advertising Tools

Social Media advertising and cross-channel remarketing have become increasingly popular. However, it sometimes seems as if everyone uses the same Facebook like campaigns, promoted tweets and viral videos. Here are three Social Media advertising tricks that are not only low cost but also usually have

Facebook lookalike audiences

Generate Extra Sales With Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook lookalike audiences are a great tool for your business since they allow you to find additional users for your website based on similarities to current visitors and clients. Facebook rolled out lookalike audiences last year. The tool is very powerful but it can also

Facebook Ads

10 Tips To Get Started With Facebook Ads

Are you planning to boost your Facebook presence? It might sound easy but Facebook actually requires you to apply many best practices to be effective. Here are some points you should focus on to get started on the right foot! 1. Take advantage of paid

Facebook Best Practices

5 Best Practices to Structure Facebook Campaigns

We often receive questions about the best way to get started on Facebook advertising and maximize performance. In order to make Facebook campaigns a success, the campaign structure must be scalable and easy to manage on the long run. Here are 5 best practices to structure

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10 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips

Looking for Facebook marketing tips? Here is a quick list of 10 Facebook marketing tips that both small and large businesses will benefit from. #1  Facebook  Marketing Tips: Ask Fans for New Features and Product Ideas Post several times a day on Facebook and try

Target Email Lists On Facebook With Custom Audiences

Facebook custom audiences are a great way to target potential customers that are already subscribed to your email list. This article explains how to set up Facebook custom audiences to target an email list that is uploaded, pasted, or imported via MailChimp. This works for