google adwords callout extensions

3 Ways To Split Test Callout Extensions

Google recently launched¬†callout extensions for AdWords. Callout extensions show up below the second description line and are a great way of adding USPs (Unique Selling Propositions). Whether it’s free shipping, 24-7 customer service or a 100% money back guarantee, callout extensions can be just what

linkedin marketing

10 Helpful Linkedin Marketing Tips

If you would like to find out how to make yourself and your business stand out on LinkedIn and need a few tips to get you started, here are some some things you should be taking care of. 1. Make a Great First Impression You

facebook marketing tips

10 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips

Looking for Facebook marketing tips? Here is a quick list of 10 Facebook marketing tips that both small and large businesses will benefit from. #1  Facebook  Marketing Tips: Ask Fans for New Features and Product Ideas Post several times a day on Facebook and try

display campaign best practices

17+ AdWords Display Campaign Best Practices

Display campaigns are widely used online thanks to their lower price point compared to search campaigns. However, display campaigns are usually less targeted than search ones and therefore you have got to structure them effectively to maximize their profitability. This post highlights some excellent tips