Instagram: Innovator or Imitator?

Instagram: Innovator or Imitator? This week, Instagram launched a new update with a video feed at the top of the screen called “Instagram Stories.” Hmm…sounds very similar to Snapchat’s “Snap Stories.” Instagram Stories allow you to use tools to draw and put texts on your

Google’s New Responsive Display Ads

Google’s New Responsive Display Ads Google recently announced the updates to Ad Words including the new responsive display ads. The new responsive display ads automatically adjust to the size of the screen that the ad is being displayed on, such as mobile devices, tablets or desktops.


Google’s New Expanded Text Ads- ETA Ads

ETA Ads- Google AdWords released the new ad format last week. Google’s New Expanded Text Ads- ETA Ads New Character Length: Ad text format changed from the old 25-35-35 to two 30 character headline and a consolidated 80 character description lines. The URL will be


Pokemón Go Advertising is Now a Reality

Introduction Pokemón Go, the latest trend in 2016. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, if not I have no idea where you’ve been living. To tell you the truth, when Pokemón Go came out I was skeptical, I thought “Oh no, not this. People will