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3 Neat Social Media Advertising Tools

Social Media advertising and cross-channel remarketing have become increasingly popular. However, it sometimes seems as if everyone uses the same Facebook like campaigns, promoted tweets and viral videos. Here are three Social Media advertising tricks that are not only low cost but also usually have

+post ads, advertise on Google+

About +Post Ads on Google+

Brands with a lot of followers on Google+ like Red Bull, Converse and Toyota USA as seen above are eligible to create +post ads, also referred to as Google+ ads.+Post ads are the equivalent of promoted tweets or boosted Facebook posts if you will. They advertise

Google+ Integrations

2 Neat Google+ Integrations For Your Business

Google+ is not exactly the main way of attracting customers for the majority of businesses. That doesn’t mean that your Google+ business page shouldn’t stand out from the crowd and be an extension of your corporate culture.Here are two Google+ integrations that are a great

What To Use Google+ For

What To Use Google+ For

Immediately after Google’s attempt to launch their own social network, people started figuring out what Google+ was – a mixture of a micro-blogging platform, somewhat a Skype competitor, an e-commerce sales tool, as well as a social network with communities (circles). It seems like what to use Google+