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Google’s New Expanded Text Ads- ETA Ads

ETA Ads- Google AdWords released the new ad format last week. Google’s New Expanded Text Ads- ETA Ads New Character Length: Ad text format changed from the old 25-35-35 to two 30 character headline and a consolidated 80 character description lines. The URL will be

Instagram Ads how To

Instagram Account No Longer Needed for Instagram Ads

Facebook launched Instagram Ads a while ago and while the launch was highly anticipated, many businesses didn’t jump on the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. The Instagram audience might not be for everyone and ads required a linked Instagram account that of course needs upkeep.

Google Shopping Insights New

Google Reveals Product Demand with Shopping Insights

Google has officially launched Shopping Insights, a new feature that is in beta and available to select advertisers only for now. Shopping Insights shows product trends and popularity across the United States by providing a map with indications of search intensity for search terms such as engagement rings,

how to boost facebook posts with better audiences

Boost Your Facebook Posts with Better Audiences

Everyone knows how to boost Facebook posts and many businesses allocate a portion of their advertising budget to boosted posts without having a strategy in place to continuously improve results. Others have tried it but didn’t get much out of it. Boosting Facebook posts can